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Welcome to the Oakwood Maths Support and sharing page. 


Here you will find some useful resources, information and links to maths learning happening at Oakwood Primary Academy. 


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Closing statement academic year 2016-2017


As we close in on the end of the final term I would like to take the opportunity to say 'well done' and 'thank you' to all the staff and children for their hard work with development of maths learning this year. 


The whole Oakwood team have been incredibly enthusiastic when delivery the Mastery Maths Curriculum and it has been great being able to visit classrooms throughout the year to see learning in action. 


I am thoroughly proud of all the staff that have worked fantastically hard in delivering the 'new' Mastery curriculum and as proud of the children who have had an open mind and adopted the new approach. Children across the school are beginning to show a good understanding of mastering their maths and reasoning about their learning. 


The buzz around Monkey Puzzle has continued all year and as we reach the 'grande finale' I'd like to wish everyone the best of luck in the draw. We are looking to refresh the scheme next year as the Year 6 children prepare for the 2018 Multiplication tests! 


Remember to keep practising your maths over the summer-- try the Bazillions on youtube to keep the song and dance going! 


Have a great summer! 


Mr Kelleher! laugh

Thank you! 


The staff and children would like to say a big 'thank you' to all the parents that supported their children and others during our outdoor learning maths morning. 


We were blessed by dry weather which enabled a fantastic array of maths to take place around the school grounds. 


To see so many children using the wonderful outdoor learning space we have was amazing and the children were fully immersed in the tasks that had been set! 


Thank you to the teachers for setting the motivating and challenging tasks and taking the time to check the answers were almost correct! 


This will be the last Parent maths workshop this year, so I would like to thank everyone who has supported the school with maths learning and promoting the subject. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future events please see Mr Kelleher. 

We are proud to announce that Oakwood Primary Academy are taking part in this Years Mathletics challenge. 


Currently open to all KS2 children where points mean prizes for the best schools in the world! Please get involved and support the competition by logging on at home and playing! 


Heres a link to the website for a bit more info: http://uk.mathletics.com/march-maths/ 


Here it is! On Thursday 23rd March you are invited into your child's classroom to take part in a Easter themed maths morning. Your child's teachers will be planning activities linked to maths and between 9am and 10am you can join them! (Sadly, no babies or pre-school children)


We hope to see many of you there! 


Thank you, Mr Kelleher 


Maths support at home update


Firstly, I'd like to thank the parents that have come to see me regarding their children's maths learning at home. 


The most frequent question I have been asked is: 

"Am I teaching my child the correct way because it's changed since I was at school?" 


With the New Maths Curriculum there is no preferred method 'per se' to teaching calculation. All children are encouraged to learn as many methods and skills as possible to solve mathematical problems. This is referred to as the 'Mastery Approach'


At Oakwood we do have a fluency policy which covers the 4 calculation methods. This has been created so that there is still a consistent approach to calculation that is embedded throughout the school. That is not to say that other methods are not explored, as this would not be catering for all needs. 


Another frequent question is: 

'My child and I find the Mathletics learning quite difficult sometimes, can you help?. 


The Mathletics program has been designed to cover the 'Mastery' approach, and whilst the activities set by teachers should be aimed to either consolidate previous learning there maybe the odd occasion when they are set as a pre-teaching tool. This means they are set to prepare the children for the  forthcoming lessons, allowing for more time to be spent developing ideas, theories and discussion about the maths rather than exploring fluency approaches during lessons. 


In addition, during the Mathletics activities program page there is, on the left hand side a large question mark which can assist in showing and explaining how an activity can be completed.  


See below


Finally, if you are having any difficulties with maths home learning, YOUTUBE is a great tool for looking at methods. Remember, there may be some variation in them, but this will encourage a 'Mastery' mindset. If you have Key Stage 2 child, I'd like to remind parents that they can come to the Mathletics club I run on a Monday lunch time for additional support. 


Thank you  



I am pleased to announce that all children in Key Stage 2 now have access to the fantastic online resource that is Mathletics! We have renewed our subscription and children can now use the program both in school and at home. 


All children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) will have their maths home learning set using this program. If your child is having any difficulties with their learning or have limited access to the Internet at home then they are more than welcome to attend my Mathletics club every Monday Lunchtime! 


If you need any help and advice with this program please come and see Mr Kelleher. 

I'd like to say a massive 'Thank you' to all the Parents and Carers that attended today's Die-lightful Dice games session. 


I hope you all enjoyed the time with your child playing dice games and hopefully you gained some ideas of how you can help at home. 


Remember, it's about promoting a growth mindset for maths regardless of academic ability! 


Below is the growth mindset clip I used in the talk this morning. I have also added the explanation video by James Nottingham regarding the learning pit which is linked to promoting greater thinkers and learners. 


Thank you again, Mr Kelleher 

Promoting Growth Mindset

Still image for this video

Please use this link to see more about Growth Mindset and a fascinating video by James Nottingham about the LEARNING PIT which was mentioned during the Parents workshop.




MATHS ROCKX 3 times tables song

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Math Rockx times tables song encourages children to learn their times tables in a fun, musical way by using popular songs and amending the lyrics so that they relate to multiplication facts. Many more are available on YOUTUBE or via the Maths Rockx app!


As we come to the end of another academic year I am incredibly pleased to announce about how proud I am of all the children and staff that have been involved in trying to help improve the multiplication skills within the school. 


This year has seen an increased number of children achieving individual steps of our scheme (Maybe it's due to the potential prizes!) and even more children completing the scheme. In addition, we are also seeing Key Stage 1 children complete their tests within the very challenging time periods. 


For those children who have completed it, we are now looking into an additional stage of the scheme to help ensure they don't lose their skills. More news on this to follow. 


So thank you again to everyone, parents, carers, staff and mostly the children on trying so hard this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed giving out the certificates in assembly and talking to the children around the school about their journey through the scheme! Good luck to all those who have a ticket in the raffle box! The time is nearly upon us! 



The staff and children at Oakwood would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the Parents and Carers that attended and supported us during our outdoor maths learning afternoon.


We were lucky enough the weather held out and it was fantastic to see so many adults supporting their child as well as others with the maths activities on offer. It was also nice to see children from different classes getting involved with each others activities.


We hope you enjoyed the session! frown Thank you from Mr Kelleher. laugh

Maths at Sir John Hunt

A select few Year 5 children were invited to Sir John Hunt last Thursday along with some Beechwood children to take part in maths activities. The session lasted an hour and brought together children from our local area that are enthusiastic about Maths.

These sessions will continue over a 6 week period and have been organised fully by Sir John Hunt who have even provided transport for the children.

More news to come with what they have been up to!   

University Code Breakers!

Last week four Year 5 children were selected to represent Oakwood Primary School at Plymouth University as part of a Mastery Maths Workshop. The theme was all linked to code breaking (from what the children have told me) and one in which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Mrs Pearson kindly donated her time to support the children during the daylong event. This is an annual event which creates links with the University giving them opportunity to meet other children from other schools with a similar interest and ability in maths.

Thank you to Mrs Pearson for her support and the Parents for allowing those children to attend.

Mr Kelleher 

We are now into our third week of Magical Maths club which is being run after school. This week I had the opportunity to poke my head around the door and see what exciting games were being played. 


The children were playing a game where they had to wear bibs with numbers on. Each team and opposing numbers and when a fact was called out they had to work out the answer and run up and down the lines and race to get back to their spaces. A very exciting game! 




Happy New Year from me (Mr Kelleher)


I hope that everyone had a wonderful festive period. We have lots of new and exciting learning opportunities happening this term throughout the school.


We are going to be trialling a new style of maths lessons with your child this term which is fast paced and divided into lots of little parts. This is based on research from a Chinese model of teaching and has been adapted for English schools.


Additionally, we are also looking to work with Sir John Hunt with maths challenge workshops and teaming up with other local primary schools to share good practice.



Finally, I would like to remind Parents (who have children in Key Stage 2) of the importance of using the online MATHLETICS programme. The school has invested in this fabulous resource. It provides children and parents with fantastic support for the new maths curriculum. Your child should now have a login card and password and can access the site from Apple devices, Android devices, PC and some other devices. (It does not work on all platforms though). I will continue to run Mathletics/home learning club on a Monday lunchtime for those children who have limited access to the resource.




REMINDER! Those that have signed up for the Magical Maths Club on a Friday after school it begins on January 8th. We'd like to thank everyone that signed up and paid for their child to attend, it's a wonderful club which is run by Michael Lester and his team. 


If you are interested in joining please contact Michael Lester through his website. The school cannot answer any enquiries about the club as it is organised outside of the Federation. Please collect your child promptly from the community entrance at 4:15pm. 



Below you will find a copy of the Maths Parent Questionnaire. 


If you would like to feedback anything regarding maths teaching and learning then please feel free to fill in a questionnaire and return it to the school office. They will then pass it onto myself (Mr Kelleher) and I will take your feedback into consideration. The forms are confidential but if you do require a response please add your name to the form requesting one and I will do my up most to get back to you.   


Thank you.

Maths questionnaire (Please fill in at any time and bring into Reception)

Parents, Grandparents and Carers rolling dice during our Fluency Fun session



in multiplication by the end of Year 4.

Please support your child in learning their times table facts where possible.

Monkey Puzzle Multiplication Scheme Update NEW PRIZES!


Multiplication and learning times tables facts has an even bigger emphasis this year in the new maths curriculum. After the success of the Monkey Puzzle Multiplication scheme last year I have decided to adapt the scheme with a small incentive to  motivate and reward children even further.

Your child will be taught and tested on their multiplication facts regularly. Once they have completed a test their names will be put into a raffle to win a prize at the end of each term (£10 Toys R Us gift card). At the end of the year all children that have completed a stage on the scheme will be put into a prize draw to win a larger prize. (Details to follow)

Grand Prize Draw

The times table tests that the children are required to complete are as follows:

2, 5 and 10s (2 minute test)

3 and 4s (2 minute test)

6 and 8s (1 minute 30 test)

9 and 11s ( 1 minute 30 test)

7s (1 minute test)

12s (1 minute test)

Mixed test (2 minutes)

The new curriculum’s aim is for all children to be fluent

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Kelleher

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