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Maths learning

Messy Maths morning


A very good turnout from Parents saw children completing Messy Maths in the classroom using a variety of resources.


It was great to see children having the freedom of writing maths without the restriction of squares and the need for neat writing.


Some of the children almost made cakes to sell afterwards to the Parents for them to enjoy with their tea and coffee.


Below is OR maths learning...I spent about 5 minutes writing about it and trying to rotate the picture but the website seems to be playing up. devil Still, well done OR for being an honest learner!

OR and her honest measuring!

OR and her honest measuring!  1

Wednesday 4th December

Today AJ produced a wonderful pictogram using the data he had collected yesterday. We gave him the X and Y axis and he did the rest independently.


Very neat and easy to understand! Well done! crying


Tuesday 3rd December


Today Badger class visited both Maple (Yr 3/4) and Hazel (Yr 5) to collect some data about children's favourite foods at Christmas.


Here is what BN did with some help from Mrs H


Picture 1

Monday 2nd December

This week in maths we are helping Mr Burnett at the Co-op collect some data. The question we are trying to the find the answer to is:



What is your favourite food to eat at Christmas?


We will then be sending our results to him to help his store.


Watch this space for updates. crying

Picture 1 RL completed some outstanding money learning!