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Welcome to Year 1 / 2 - Badger Class


Welcome to the Badger Class information page. Here you will find lots of photos, information and maybe the odd web link to some of the wonderful learning that the Year 1/2 children have been doing. crying


Keep your eyes peeled for secret home learning tasks that can only be found on here, they will earn you/your child additional house points! blush


I would really appreciate it if parents/carers would let me know if they are viewing the website and if there is anything they would like me to add. Thank you.


Happy Easter to all Parent's and Carers from Badger Class


Have a lovely Easter and stay safe.


Mr Kelleher and Mrs Hammacott


Tesco Farm to Fork visit


24.3.14 Today Badger Class visited Tesco Roborough as part of their new programme 'Farm to Fork'. On foot, we all marched up to Tesco in a reasonable 35 minutes. Whilst their we were all given the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the store. We visited the Bakery and discovered how bread and cakes were made. We then had an opportunity to make our very own bread rolls in the staff canteen! After that we were taken the freezer section where we went inside- did you know it was -30 degrees! Brrrrrrr! (It didn't help Mr K's cold!) wink 


Next we went to the warehouse and saw how items get from the lorries to the shop shelves. A while later we swapped groups and had the opportunity to touch some fish on the fish counter! This was brilliant! no We held a small fish each, a large crab and a large salmon. In addition we got to touch a shrimp which had very strange looking eyes.angel


Finally we were given a nice paper bag with some 'goodies' inside including an apple and an orange, some stickers and some bread rolls. frown 


On the way back to school it poured down with rain and we all got wet...in fact we got soaked. cool  All the children in the class were excellent and none of them grumbled even though their paper bags ripped and their fruits were rolling down the pavement they battled on, hugging their belongings-  I was very proud of them. laugh


I would like to thank Mrs Scott, Mrs Babb and Mrs Corcoran for supporting us with this visit. Without them we would not have been able to go.


Tesco have asked us if they could have some photos to put on the community board in the entrance of the store. I will be sending out a letter to ask for permission for your child to be displayed there.

Mr K and Whale sharks

Still image for this video

Science week


Musical instruments

A huge 'Thank you' to all the Parents and Carers that help with the Musical instrument making. The quality of some of them was brilliant and the way the reclaimed materials have been used was very inventive!


They are now all on display in the KS1 street area. I will upload the photos I recently took so that you can see what others created!


Thank you again for all your efforts!




During science week Badger class learnt about Sharks. We learnt about different kinds of sharks and watched some media clips from the BBC programme 'Deadly 60'. We then looked at how some sharks are tracked around the world and discovered that the nearest tracked shark is a Great White called 'Lydia' and is currently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The website to track sharks can be found by typing 'Shark tracker' into Google.  





This may seem like a strange thing to learn about in School, but as it was Science week we thought it would be appropriate  to talk about the worst Scientific disaster ever. I gave the children some background information about disaster and we then watched a small part of River Monsters where they visit the area as part of their quest to find a mutated fish (It was this or Top Gear!) The children were thoroughly intrigued and surprisingly had a lot of questions to ask afterwards. They seemed very sympathetic towards the people in Chernobyl.


Board Games with Grandparents

Board Games with Grandparents  1
Board Games with Grandparents  2
Board Games with Grandparents  3
Board Games with Grandparents  4
Board Games with Grandparents  5
Board Games with Grandparents  6
Board Games with Grandparents  7
Board Games with Grandparents  8
Board Games with Grandparents  9
Board Games with Grandparents  10

I would like to thank all the Grand-parents that visited our class during the day. Your support was overwhelming and the children really enjoyed themselves. It was also fantastic to see how many opted for a school roast dinner, we apologise for the queue.


We hope that everyone that attended enjoyed themselves!


Thank you again, Mr Kelleher and Badger Class.

Christmas celebrations

If you are reading this then you probably remembered to check the website yesterday! cryingToday the children in Badger class learnt the importance of playing board games and the skills involved to play them. We went through skills such as patience, fairness, responsibility, perseverance, respect and understanding.

Here are some photos of the children playing games together.   





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Christmas Production


A big 'thank you' to all the parents/carers that brought their children back for the evening performance! These children received an additional 3 house points.  In addition 'thank you to all the parents/carers that provided costumes for the performances!

Picture 1

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th December  


On Thursday and Friday this week (19th and 20th) I am inviting your child to bring in a GAME to play/share with others in the class. cheeky


If your child chooses to bring in a game it must be clearly marked with their name on. In addition all games are brought in at their own risk and they are responsible for looking after their game throughout the day.


This is NOT a toy day. Any toys that are brought it will be placed on the shelf in the classroom and returned to your child at the end of the day. surprise


Thank you blush

Thank you

A massive 'Thank you' to all the parents that helped out with our walk to and from The Co-op on Monday 18th November.


The children really enjoyed it. We even had a surprise visit from Mr Burnett (The store manager) who came in to see us doing some maths learning and our guided reading session. blush



Children in Badger Class have now been given a SUMDOG log in card. This will be used in school and is also available to use at home! It has really improved mental arithmetic skills in those children who use it regularly. blush