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Year 1 Squirrel

Beach Day at Beechwood!


On Tuesday Squirrel class (along with Badgers and Hedgehogs) joined the children of Beechwood Key Stage 1 for a fantastic day of fun!  We made jellyfish and rainbow fish, watched a puppet show, had an indoor picnic (due to our great British weather!), ate ice lollies and toasted our own marshmallows.  We also played beach games in the MUGA.  We made lots of new Beechwood friends and enjoyed playing together.  Despite getting wet walking back to Oakwood Squirrel class had a brilliant day.  Thank you Beechwood - and all the adults who helped make this happen! 




Present Participle


We have been working collaboratively with our partners - helping each other to build learning power!


We have been adding 'ing' to a verb to make it a present participle!  We have also been investigating the different spelling rules when doing this.  Do you know the rules?


Wembury Beach


We had a fantastic time on our trip yesterday!  We went rockpooling, visited the Wembury Marine Centre, made beach sculptures and went on a beach scavenger hunt!


The sun was shining and nobody was sick on the coach!


  Happy Holidays 


Don't forget to read your three reading books and practise your phonics!

Remember that your homework task is to visit a beach and take a photograph of you with your family/friends.  We will talk about this next term.


We hope you have a lovely half term holiday and stay safe!




In Maths this week we having been learning about money and making different amounts using a variety of coins. Please copy one of the links below into your search bar/Google to help your child with their learning...








Telling the time


This week in Year 1 we have been learning about reading and making o' clock and half past times on analogue clocks. Use this fun game to practise at home. Take your time!





In Squirrel class we have been talking about 'Belonging'.  We belong to our families, our school and lots of different clubs, groups and teams.  We also belong to a very exclusive group.....SQUIRREL CLASS!!!   


Each of us decorated a link describing somewhere where we belong.  We then joined them all together and made a class paper chain!  This joined us altogether!




Happy Easter!


The staff in Squirrel class would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.  We hope you all have a relaxing spring break and enjoy some chocolate eggs too!






This week we have been learning about plurals. Plural means more than one. We have learnt to use 's' and 'es' endings to make some words plural. Use these link to play a plurals game. Make sure that you select the 's' and 'es' rules (click on 'toy' or 'wash' options).





Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s


In Squirrel Class we are working hard to try and get onto the Monkey Puzzle Multiplication scheme. Once we are able to count in 2s, 5s and 10s confidently, we can earn a pineapple for the tree. Here is a link to a 100 grid to help you practice.



Ay, ai and a-e


This week in phonics we have revised the ay, ai and a-e sounds. We have practised reading words and talked about where they are found in words. Here is a useful link to games that help with the reading and spelling of these sounds.




Crownhill Fort


We had a fantastic time at Crownhill Fort on Tuesday.  We learnt all about the history of the fort - we even walked through the tunnels!  The guide told us all about the uniforms that the soldiers used to wear and we even saw where they sleep.  The beds did not look very comfortable!


We also got to hold a cannon ball which was quite small but very heavy...we were very careful about not dropping on to our toes...ouch!


Read Write Inc - Pure Sounds


The children in Squirrel class have been working very hard to remember their pure sounds when blending sounds to make a word (and not adding an 'uh' after each sound!)


Please click on the link below if you are unsure of the correct pronunciation of sounds.


We hope that this helps.





Florence Nightingale


This week we have been finding out about Florence Nightingale. Please use the link below with your child to find out some more information.






In maths this week we have been weighing objects.  We have been comparing the weight of different classroom objects and using vocabulary like 'heavier', 'lighter', 'heaviest' and 'lightest'.  Please help you child to practise weighing and comparing things at home.  Encourage them to use their mathematical vocabulary! (We have also talked about how the biggest sized object is not always the heaviest, for example an inflated balloon and a pebble from the garden.)




Memory Boxes


We have been making our own Memory Boxes at home.  They are full of items and objects that are special to us!

Picture 1
Picture 2



The children in Squirrel class had a fantastic party day just before Christmas!  We wore our party hats and ate lots of food.  Mrs McCormack thought we might all pop! 


Thank you for all of the party food contributions!




On Thursday Squirrel class were visited by the Demelza, Education Officer for Devon schools.  We learned all about materials and recycling.  We sorted rubbish and talked about its different properties.  Can we squash it? Can we bend it?  Can we twist it?


We all learnt about the importance of recycling in order to care for our world.


We each made a fridge magnet to help us to remember which bins to put our rubbish in.


Visit this website to find out more...



Squirrel Class Recycling Morning!

Squirrel Class Recycling Morning! 1
Squirrel Class Recycling Morning! 2
Squirrel Class Recycling Morning! 3


Literacy - Here is a link to a page that you can use with your child to help them with their phonic knowledge.





We have been using the Top Marks website in Mathematics this term.  Take a look at the link below - we have been using it for ordering and sequencing.




Science and Topic Ideas

We are learning about the seasons and the weather in Science and Topic work this term.

Take a look at these clips on the BBC Bitesize website. 

How the changing seasons affect hedgehogs http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zj4g9j6

The changing seasons and how grass grows http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zcqw2hv



Year 1 Multi-skills


Last week eight children from Squirrel class attended a special Multi-skills session at Sir John Hunt.  They played a variety of different sports and worked on improving their ball skills!  Their behaviour was a credit to the school...well done Squirrels!


Welcome to Squirrel Class Page

We are a class of 30 Year One children.  We have a teacher called Mrs McCormack and SCITT trainee called Miss Hensman.  


Our teaching assistants are Mrs Clayton and Miss Dawe.


We hope that you enjoy reading our class page.  We will be updating it with work we are doing and things that we are enjoying about being in Year One.