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Year 3 / 4 Maple

Year 3 in Maple have written some Traditional Tales.  They based their stories on the 'Magic Paintbrush'.  This is a traditional story from China.  It tells the story of a poor boy, many years ago, who is given a magic paintbrush.  Whatever he paints comes to life.  However, he has been given such a gift so that he can help the poor.  Unfortunately, the greedy emperor hears about this magic gift.  How will the hero of the story deal with the wicked emperor?  Read some of our versions of the story and see what you think.

Alder and Maple read their 'Traditional Tales' to Hedgehog.  They seemed to like them and they listened really well.

Mrs Cresswell

Thomas has written a Magical Tale. There is also the story by Scarlett which is all about 'Magic Paper'. Phoebe has got a 'Magic Book' in her story.

A Magic Pencil is in the story by Kelsy. However Leonie has the story of the 'Magic Paper and Pencil'.

Isobel's Traditional Tale is all about a 'Magical Pencil'. Jake's tells the story of the 'Magic Necklace'.

Check out Harry's Traditional Tale. He certainly put a lot of enthusiasm and hard work into it. Well done!

This is Gracie's traditional tale, please read it and enjoy it. It is a great story.

The visit of Howard Carter

The visit of Howard Carter 1
The visit of Howard Carter 2
The visit of Howard Carter 3

Visit of Howard Carter

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On Tuesday 14th January Howard Carter came to talk to year 3 and 4 in Oakwood

Welcome to Year 3 / 4 - Maple!


Welcome to everyone and especially Maple class.  We are going to start to add some of our learning and activities which you might find useful.  At the have a look at the link on volcanoes and the ash cloud in Iceland a few years ago. There are also a few pictures of our evacuation visit as well.


Mrs Cresswell 


Evacuation Visit

Evacuation Visit 1

Evacuation visit

Evacuation visit 1

Evacuation Visit

Evacuation Visit 1

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