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Welcome to Maple Classes learning and sharing page. 


From time to time we will update this page with some of the activities and learning we are doing in and out of class. 


We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been doing in our curriculum. 


Thank you for visiting! 


(Parents', Carers' and adults in photos. If you do not want your photo published on the website please speak to me and I will remove it. All images should not be copied and put on any other website in accordance with the schools media policy) 

Bronzing ourselves! 


Below you will find some of the photos that were taken from our recent trip to the Moors as part of our Bronze age topic. 


We were blessed with incredibly weather and had a wonderful experience. The children in Maple class were excellently behaved which made for a relaxing and enjoyable day which was full of interesting sights. 


Thank you to the parents that were able to help out and those who provided their children with suitable clothing, food and baggage. 


If you would like a copy of any of the photos please email the school office and I will send them electronically. 


Thank you. 


As you will be aware every week I set Mathletics Home learning. Some children do however choose to do additional tasks and activities to enhance their maths knowledge. At the beginning of the year I told the class that should they achieve a Gold award I would award them with a Lego Mini Figure. (Now I know how hard this is to achieve so thought I'd be onto a winner here!) Anyway, I am pleased to announce that so far this year we have had 4 children out of 30 achieve this Gold award and I thought it was about time I publically shared the information, I am also confident that these 4 children are the only 4 in the whole school to have achieved this award. So I would like to say a huge, public 'congratulations' to: 

- Luke F

- Freya E

- Gracie J

- Liam T

I am now that little bit more poorer, but it's worth it knowing you guys have tried incredibly hard! Well done!  

Reading plea


Recently, we have noticed that there have been an increased amount of children who are not being heard read to at home. 


We are trying incredibly hard to 'mop up' these children with additional reading sessions during school time but this means they are missing out on other curriculum learning. Could we please request that Parents/Carers continue to listen to their child read and note in their reading diary when they do so. 

Thank you to all the Parents/Carers that have continued to support their child with reading, it makes a huge difference and is evident in the classroom.   

Mr Kelleher 

Babcock engineers making some strange contraptions!

Science Week- Mr Hibbert's plant survey!

Above, Mr Hibbert organised a plant survey as part of our Science Week activities. 


The children were asked to find out whether there was a greater variety of plant tyres in mowed or not mowed grassy areas of the school. 


The children had to throw a hoop in both areas numerous times and count, very carefully how many tyres they could see. 


Afterwards we spoke about the planter area that has been allocated to our class and what we could do to 'liven' it up. 


Finally, we played a game of true or false on the windy field related to the school environment. 


We would like to thank Mr Hibbert for his time and effort. 

For World Book Day the children in Maple class joined forces with Badger Class to share their favourite books and books that thought were applicable to their audience. The two classes then mixed themselves up and spent 20 minutes sharing their books. Some of the children did a wonderful job of immersing each other in their texts!  

Here are some of the photos from the day! 



Home Learning- Mountains


I'd like to say a huge 'thank you' to all the parents, carers and grandparents that supported their child in building a mountain model over half term. 


It was clear that a lot of time and effort was put into many of them. We are using them for our display in class and some will ultimately go on display around the school. We are also going to do a big show 'n tell so that all the children in Years 3 and 4 can see each others across the classes. (Photos coming soon!) 


Thank you again. 

Mountain home learnings- Thank you parents/carers

Lukas Graham

This is the song the children learnt about in class then sung it for our class assembly. We talked about the meaning of the song and what songs can make us feel. Can a sad song be a good song? This is the question that sparked our conversation.

Below you will find a selection of photos of children making Egyptian Pyramids out of Lego. This lesson was part of our topic and was help the children understand how difficult it may have been 5000 years ago when the Ancient Egyptians made theirs. Observing how the children worked together and used their creativity skills was incredibly interesting! 

Getting a HAND-le on it! 


This term we have had an additional push on handwriting. With the introduction of a 'new' handwriting scheme we have been using the font Nelson Cursive f. The photos below show children using the Interactive Whiteboard to practise their letter formation and gross motor skills. It was a fun game, and not as easy as it looked! 

This term in science we have been learning about electricity and circuits. Initially, we gave the children very little guidance on how to make a circuit and asked them to try out what they thought they needed. As a few of them became successful, more and more learnt how to make a circuit. As the lessons have progressed we have learnt about insulators and conductors, switches, voltage and why a circuit may fail. Below are some photos of the children investigating circuits. 

Making Circuits in science

Evie being very brave to recite our class poem.

Still image for this video
She was the first child to rehearse and recite this poem. I was very proud of her effort and confidence in performing it.

A super team effort to recite our poem.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Keep a look out for Gracie's helpful nudge near the end!

Merry Christmas from Maple Class. We hope you have a brilliant festive time! 

Decoration Day

Decoration Day 1 A focused team effort!
Decoration Day 2 Resilience being shown when cutting
Decoration Day 3 Vinny turning into the Hulk!
Decoration Day 4 The watchful eye
Decoration Day 5 Target setting
Decoration Day 6 I'm not sure who's enjoying this more!
Decoration Day 7 You made it onto the website!
Decoration Day 8 Classroom 'chaos'
Decoration Day 9 Concentration.
Decoration Day 10 The finished article

Babcock Marine Science Centre 


Maple class and the whole of Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have the expertise from the Babcock Marine Centre this week. The children were given the challenge to design and build a moving boat that could be used on the water. The photos below show some of the things they did. 


AYE AYE CAPTAIN!  1 Some focused circuitry going on here!
AYE AYE CAPTAIN!  2 Focus Mia...it's science! :)
AYE AYE CAPTAIN!  4 Another 'Hallelujah' moment!
AYE AYE CAPTAIN!  5 The focus!

Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)

Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  1 Tricky? Not for the three musketeers!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  2 Dice+cards= fun!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  3 All ages were involved here!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  4 Some wonderful recording and discussion!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  5 Fantastic parent support!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  6 Lots of jottings being used to create games!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  7 Super ways of representing their findings!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  8 Family fun!
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  9
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  10
Fluency Fun (Dice rolling)  11

Reflective Learning in literacy


Below, the children had finished their instructional writing and as part of the review process they shared what they had done with a buddy. They then discussed the good points and areas for development. Next, the children wrote down what their partner had said. Finally the children highlighted their own learning so that they could write a final 'perfect' piece using handwriting pens! 

Reflective Learning in Literacy.

Reflective Learning in Literacy.  1 Sharing, discussing and improving.
Reflective Learning in Literacy.  2
Reflective Learning in Literacy.  3 Year 3 and 4 team learning
Reflective Learning in Literacy.  4
Reflective Learning in Literacy.  5
Reflective Learning in Literacy.  6
Reflective Learning in Literacy.  7