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Welcome to Maple Class Blog page.


Here you will find some of the learning that the children have been doing mostly supported with photos and captions.


We hope you enjoy our page.


Which character is your child/you most like?!


Some of the outstanding Home Learning brought in last week. We asked the children to design a vehicle that could be used to explore the planet Mars. These are our favourites! 



As part of Science week we visited the Space Dome at Beechwood. Unfortunately we were unable to take any photos of the children inside the dome but we got a couple from outside...Mmmm, Tamzin does not look impressed, it must have been all the spinning around! 

There was a warning about the Dome also. 

Measuring of weight

Measuring of weight  1
Measuring of weight  2

Measuring length using decimal measurements

Measuring length using decimal measurements  1
Measuring length using decimal measurements  2
Measuring length using decimal measurements  3
Measuring length using decimal measurements  4
Measuring length using decimal measurements  5



This term in Maple class we have been learning about News reports and will be writing our own. Some of the children had a go at being news reporters and eyewitnesses.



Below you will see some children testing how different materials prevent from sound from travelling. On the left the triangle is struck. The person in the middles holds a material up to help prevent the sound travelling. The person on the right measures the sound using a decibel meter on

the iPad. As you can see, their focus is immense!












Happy New Year!


This term we shall be learning about Romans with our theme being 'I am warrior!' (Please refer to the learning journey provided with any additional information about this)



We have Mathletics! I am pleased to announce that after a very successful Mathletics trial before Christmas we were able to purchase the programme for our class.


Mathletics is a fun and rewarding maths programme which provides children with challenge and support across the curriculum of maths. Each child in the class has been provided with a password and login to use the programme during school and for a limited time after school. (This time is to be confirmed) I am also offering the children an opportunity to join me on Monday lunchtime to spend a little bit more time enjoying the programme.


We love Lego!

In Maple class the children have access to a Lego Story Set. We use this set every day for a small group of children during our reading roundabout. Children are encouraged to make, play and tell stories using the Lego. Here are some of the models they have made for their stories. We would love to make an animation at some point this year.




Linking multiplication, division and fractions.


We spent 3 weeks developing and linking the relationships between multiplication, division and fractions. The new maths curriculum encourages children to explore a range of models and images to deepen their understanding of maths. The children below have used cubes to find fractions of quantities.



Boil bubble, toil and trouble!

This term our topic is Potions. To begin our topic Mr Johnson set up a 'treasure hunt' challenging the children to find all the letters of a word that linked to potions.


The children were given clues and then dashed around the school grounds to find the letters to finally make the word.


Here are some action shots from the challenge:


In our literacy lessons we were learning about Playscripts. For this we explored the story of The Twits by Roald Dahl.


The children then took an extract of the story which was carefully turned into a play. After watching a media clip from the BBC the children then acted out the scene with one child being Mr Twit, one being Mrs Twit and the other the narrator.


Here are some of the pictures.


Here is the link to The Twits extract we used to role play our own playscripts: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p011lw94


Read all about it!


For our topic learning this term we have been learning about the Ten classical pieces of music by the BBC. We spent all term listening to and learning about the origins of the music, the composers and music that they created. At the end of the unit we wrote a news report about our favourite composer. Here are some of our photos.


Here is a link to the BBC TEN PIECES website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01vs08w