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Slapton March 2014 Pictures

Slapton March 2014 Pictures 1
Slapton March 2014 Pictures 2
Slapton March 2014 Pictures 3
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On Wednesday 14th March 30 children from Pine and Hazel Year 5 went on a residential to Slapton. We stayed at the Start Bay Centre. After a very bumpy coach journey through the country lanes we arrived and settled in. After lunch we went on a walk through Slapton Ley. We stopped at a viewing platform and were able to take some rubbings from the wooden engravings, which were of local wildlife. We then went for a walk along the beach and played in the sand.


That evening Mrs. Pearson cooked tea for us and we then played some games in the common room and listened to Mrs. Collier read Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpergo, which is based in Slapton.  


The next day we went on a long walk to Tor Cross. We walked through Slapton Village and visited Slapton Church, we went inside the church and looked at the old gravestones. 

Later on we reached Tor Cross after a long walk and were allowed into the shop to spend our money. We had a long walk back to the centre and we were very tired when we returned! 


The next day we returned back to school at lunchtime. We were all tired out but had a great time!


Welcome to Year 5 / 6- Pine!


Welcome to Year 5/6 Pine class page. We hope that you enjoy looking at our page. We will be uploading pictures of things we've done, exciting class news. 


We hope you enjoy looking at our page. 


Woodland walk - Mini beasts!

Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  1
Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  2
Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  3
Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  4
Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  5
Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  6
Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  7
Woodland walk - Mini beasts!  8

Pandora’s Box – a mythical tale


Zeus was furious! He had trusted two gods, the brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus, with the task of filling the earth with living creatures.  Prometheus, the intelligent one, watched as Epimetheus packed the skies with singing birds, the seas with fish and the land with all kinds of creatures. He gave them all precious gifts: tooth and claw, strength and speed, tail and talon.


Prometheus saved the greatest job for himself! From the clay soil he fashioned himself the first man, moulding him in the image of the gods. Prometheus wanted a special gift for his creation, but Epimetheus had used them all. Prometheus thought for a moment. Then climbing swiftly into the heavens, he plucked a sliver of golden flame from the sun. Cupping it in his hands, to hide it from the gods; he took it as his gift for man.


When Zeus saw the fire flickering, he was angry. Man should not have been given the gift that was only for gods. Zeus hid his anger behind a gift of his own. He summoned Prometheus and Epimetheus. “Close your eyes!” he commanded. As they stood, Zeus fashioned the first woman. The gods gave her gifts. Venus gave her beauty and Mercury gave her a clever tongue. “Behold Pandora!” Zeus said. Prometheus, sensing a trick, tried to warn Epimetheus. Too late! Epimetheus was captivated. Zeus smiled, “Take her for your bride Epimetheus and this box as a wedding gift. But, never open it!”


After the wedding, the box was placed in a corner of the room. Pandora tried to put it out of her mind, but she could not. One day, she heard voices whispering, “Pandora let us out!” Her nimble fingers undid the lock.


Bang! The lid flew open and the room was filled with a howling noise. Pandora slammed the lid shut. Too late. All the ills of the world had been released! Pain, sickness and death. From the box came a whisper.

“Please open the box and let me out.”

“I won’t fall for that trick again!” Pandora sobbed.

“But I am hope and when all is lost, hope is all that is left.”


Pandora lifted the lid. A tiny white flame flickered and fluttered into the world. “Remember Pandora, when all seems lost, there is only hope”

Pandora hoped that Epimetheus would forgive her. For what else could she do in the face of despair, but hope?