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Welcome to Year 5 - Hazel!


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On Wednesday 14th March 30 children from Pine and Hazel Year 5 went on a residential to Slapton. We stayed at the Start Bay Centre. After a very bumpy coach journey through the country lanes we arrived and settled in. After lunch we went on a walk through Slapton Ley. We stopped at a viewing platform and were able to take some rubbings from the wooden engravings, which were of local wildlife. We then went for a walk along the beach and played in the sand.


That evening Mrs. Pearson cooked tea for us and we then played some games in the common room and listened to Mrs. Collier read Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpergo, which is based in Slapton.  


The next day we went on a long walk to Tor Cross. We walked through Slapton Village and visited Slapton Church, we went inside the church and looked at the old gravestones. 

Later on we reached Tor Cross after a long walk and were allowed into the shop to spend our money. We had a long walk back to the centre and we were very tired when we returned! 


The next day we returned back to school at lunchtime. We were all tired out but had a great time!


Slapton! 1
Slapton! 2
Slapton! 3
Slapton! 4
Slapton! 5

In Literacy we have been working on a 'warning tale' based on the text Private Peaceful.


Private Peaceful

A Warning Tale


Tossing and turning in his sleep, troubled Tommo Peaceful, an eighteen year old soldier, felt the cold shadow of death looming over him. It made him feel sick to his stomach. The morning would bring nothing but sadness and grief to his family, leaving a scar that would never heal. In an attempt to curb his thoughts he was trying to remember how he and Charlie had got into such a mess.


His family had always been important to him. Charlie, three years his senior, was tough and honest and always looked out for him.  Charlie always seemed to be getting into trouble for what he believed in. His mother would constantly be warning him to be careful,

“My fearless son, you must be wary of the rules, for breaking them can lead to all sorts of trouble!” Although life was tough for the family, Charlie and Tommo always looked after each other and were inseparable.


The day his life changed was when Tommo caught sight of the army’s marching band. Mesmerised, he followed them through the village until they stopped in the square. As if to snap him out of his daze, the Captain shouted,

“Join the army to fight for the safety of your family!” To his surprise, Charlie leapt up from the crowd and answered the Captain’s call.

“I will do it”, he proclaimed. While Tommo was not old enough, he could not bear to be apart from his brother so he lied to ensure that he too was boarding the next train heading to the army campus.


Army life was not as they had pictured it. They had both been looking forward to fighting for their country and being respected for their bravery. The reality was very different. Sergeant Horrible Hanley frequently picked on the two boys. It was Charlie who seemed to be the victim of the Sergeant’s anger even though he was one of the best soldiers in the camp. Tommo thought it was because Charlie refused to show any fear of the cruel Sergeant. While they were training one day, the distant sound of gun fire struck fear into all the soldiers’ hearts, including Charlie's. Almost immediately, the troops were shipped to France to fight. After hours of fighting in a devastating battle, Tommo was seriously injured. The Sergeant yelled for Charlie to leave him, but Charlie refused to obey orders and would not move from Tommo’s side. Charlie dragged Tommo to safety and saved his life, for which Tommo would be eternally grateful.


Tommo’s thoughts returned to his tent. He and his brother had been through so much. His heart shattered at the thought of what was due to occur the following day. Charlie was to be executed at dawn for what Sergeant Hanley had declared to the army to be disobeying orders through cowardice.


His mother’s words echoed in his ears,

“My fearless son, you must be wary of the rules, for breaking them can lead to all sorts of trouble!” She would be horror-struck to discover that her words had become so true. Nonetheless, Tommo would always know that Charlie had proven his loyalty as a brother and demonstrated his unwavering determination to fight for what was right.


Outside learning co-ordinates lesson.

Outside learning co-ordinates lesson.  1
Outside learning co-ordinates lesson.  2
Outside learning co-ordinates lesson.  3
This term we had an outside maths lesson. We were co-ordinates and plotted ourselves on large grids to make different shapes. Please have a look at some of our pictures. 

Shape work using geo-boards.

Shape work using geo-boards. 1




In Topic this term we are learning about WW1. How did it all start?..................................



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How it all began!

2_ Assassination of Franz Ferdinand pt 1.mp4

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4_Assassination of Franz Ferdinand pt 3.mp4

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In literacy this term we are looking at the 'War Horse'. We will write our own tale of fear and base it on this story. 

War Horse – A Tale of Fear

As the sun set one summer evening, a young colt names Joey was born. A brutal, drunk farmer bought him at the market, and this made him shake with fear. However, when Joey met the farmer’s son, Albert, he knew they would be lifelong friends. Albert and Joey spent many happy years together until the terrible day when war was declared and Joey was sold to the army.

“Please! Don’t take him!” begged Albert, as Joey was driven away by his cruel father.

“He’s always been a pathetic creature”, grumbled Albert’s father. Heartbroken, Albert took one last look at Joey as the cart set off into the dark night. Joey was a gentle horse and he longed for the touch of Albert grooming his shiny coat.


Horror and fear awaited him at his destination. The chilling sound of bombs whirring through the air and the terrifying crack of the rifles echoed all around. Joey knew that soon he would be in the midst of terror and destruction.

Joey woke in a state of panic.

“Where am I?” he muttered, “It’s our turn to go out there. You can do it!” Joey’s muscles tightened as fear took over.


With the officer on his back, and a sense of rising panic, he approached the front line.

“This is it old boy! GO, GO, GO!” bellowed the officer, and Joey reached for his courage and charged into the horrific battle.


Joey galloped as he had never galloped before, jumping over the bodies of soldiers and using every muscle to push himself forward.

Suddenly, there was silence. Joey slowed to a canter and looked around. Men and horses lay dead or injured all over the cold, hard earth; smoke curled from the guns towards the sky. The officer leaned down and whispered: Back to camp, old boy. We did it!”  


Joey plodded into his stable and settled down on the warm hay. He ached all over, but he was relieved to be alive. As his weary eyes began to close, the stable door swung open and a uniformed man walked in.

Slowly Joey looked up and to his amazement he saw his beloved Albert smiling down on him.

“Hello Joey” Albert beamed, “I knew I’d find you. You are so brave.”

Joey rested his head in Albert’s lap and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. He knew, now, that everything would be alright.  

Literacy - Pandora's Box.

Literacy - Pandora's Box. 1
Literacy - Pandora's Box. 2

Pandora’s Box – a mythical tale


Zeus was furious! He had trusted two gods, the brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus, with the task of filling the earth with living creatures.  Prometheus, the intelligent one, watched as Epimetheuspacked the skies with singing birds, the seas with fish and the land with all kinds of creatures. He gave them all precious gifts: tooth and claw, strength and speed, tail and talon.


Prometheus saved the greatest job for himself! From the clay soil he fashioned himself the first man, moulding him in the image of the gods. Prometheus wanted a special gift for his creation, but Epimetheus had used them all. Prometheus thought for a moment. Then climbing swiftly into the heavens, he plucked a sliver of golden flame from the sun. Cupping it in his hands, to hide it from the gods; he took it as his gift for man.


When Zeus saw the fire flickering, he was angry. Man should not have been given the gift that was only for gods. Zeus hid his anger behind a gift of his own. He summoned Prometheus and Epimetheus. “Close your eyes!” he commanded. As they stood, Zeus fashioned the first woman. The gods gave her gifts. Venus gave her beauty and Mercury gave her a clever tongue. “Behold Pandora!” Zeus said.Prometheus, sensing a trick,tried to warn Epimetheus. Too late! Epimetheus was captivated. Zeus smiled, “Take her for your bride Epimetheus and this box as a wedding gift. But, never open it!”


After the wedding, the box was placed in a corner of the room. Pandora tried to put it out of her mind, but she could not. One day, she heard voices whispering, “Pandora let us out!” Her nimble fingers undid the lock.


Bang! The lid flew open and theroom was filled with a howling noise. Pandora slammed the lid shut. Too late. All the ills of the world had been released! Pain, sickness and death. From the box came a whisper.

“Please open the box and let me out.”

“I won’t fall for that trick again!” Pandora sobbed.

“But I am hope and when all is lost, hope is all that is left.”


Pandora lifted the lid. A tiny white flame flickered and fluttered into the world. “Remember Pandora, when all seems lost, there is only hope”

Pandora hoped that Epimetheus would forgive her. For what else could she do in the face of despair, but hope?

Mini Beast Foraging

Mini Beast Foraging 1
Mini Beast Foraging 2
Mini Beast Foraging 3
Mini Beast Foraging 4
Mini Beast Foraging 5
Mini Beast Foraging 6
Mini Beast Foraging 7

A students Excel tally chart.