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World Book Day

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World Book Day 2015


Today the children have dressed up as characters from their favourite books. During assembly a child from each Year group was picked for having the best costume. Well done to Charlie in Year 5 who was dressed as a gangster and Jasmine in Year 6 who was Carrie from Carrie's War. Also a big well done to all the children who took part, you looked fantastic! 


We were also lucky enough to have a visitors from Badger class to share their reading with us. It was a brilliant experience and the children loved the opportunity to showcase their reading skills. 

We have been lucky enough to have been invited to Sir John Hunt to create a piece of art work to display at our school. We are creating a piece of batik work which will incorporate our Federation logo and motto. We also added our hand prints to the design. We had to concentrate on keeping our hands steady to create smooth lines for the wax resist and make sure that we were careful with the hot wax!


We have two more sessions to complete our design and look forward to displaying it at school! We will keep you posted on our progress! 

Sir John Hunt Art Morning

Sir John Hunt Art Morning  1
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  2
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  3
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  4
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  5
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  6
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  7
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  8
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  9
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  10
Sir John Hunt Art Morning  11

Talk for Writing - The Sword in the Stone.

Talk for Writing - The Sword in the Stone.  1
Talk for Writing - The Sword in the Stone.  2
Talk for Writing - The Sword in the Stone.  3
Talk for Writing - The Sword in the Stone.  4

Sir John Hunt Drama morning

Sir John Hunt Drama morning 1 As a warm up we had to move as robots.
Sir John Hunt Drama morning 2 We picked different objects to act as.
Sir John Hunt Drama morning 3 We had to pretend we were part of a circus act.
Sir John Hunt Drama morning 4 This is us acting scared!
Sir John Hunt Drama morning 5 Our final circus act!

Welcome to Pine Class. We are a mixed year 5/6 class and we have 31 wonderful pupils that make up our class. Our teacher is Miss.Gooding and our class teaching assistants are Mrs. Vowden and Mrs. Bennison. 


We hope that you enjoy finding out about our learning. 

In Literacy we have been learning the story of Tom's midnight garden. We used drama and freeze framing to learn the story. We created a class innovation and our writing has been very successful! Please watch this space for our version of a journey tale. 


Tom’s Midnight Garden – a journey tale

(Focus: Sentence starters)

Tom Long, a young schoolboy, had his summer holiday spoilt when his brother (Peter) contracted measles. Reluctantly Tom was packed off to stay with his aunt and uncle who lived in a cramped flat with no garden to play in. Marooned without friends, with only an old woman in the upstairs flat as company, Tom felt alone and starved of fun. However, his disappointment was quickly replaced by wonder. To his surprise one night, the old and erratic grandfather clock that stood in the shadows in the hall downstairs caught his attention. On further investigation, Tom discovered something quite unusual; at midnight, it struck thirteen.

Compelled to investigate, when the clock struck thirteen the following night, Tom got out of bed nervously. To his surprise the small flat had transformed into a manor and the paved backyard had morphed into a sprawling country garden in full bloom! As he explored further, Tom found himself some playmates. Four children dressed in old fashioned clothes lived in this grand house with the magnificent garden: three boys and a girl. Unfortunately for Tom, who would have liked to have played with James, it was only the girl, Hatty who would speak to him.

Tom had so much fun that he would return to the garden each night so that he could see Hatty. As the seasons changed, their relationship flourished. Tom spent hours and hours in the garden, yet when he returned back home he realised he was only gone for a few minutes. The unlikely duo cherished their time together, often climbing trees and exploring. Tom and Hatty would love to go on adventures together but there were occassions when their exploring got them into trouble.   

In one of his many visits, the pair watched birds fly from high up on a garden wall. Tom discovered that in this world he did not fear heights as he could not feel anything, not even the cold. Whilst he was up on the wall with Hatty, Abel (the gardener) spotted them and hastily urged Hatty to get down, place her hand on the bible and promise never to go onto the wall again. Tom was left mystified. Similarly, he also noticed that with every visit he made, Hatty became gradually older. The young girl Tom once knew was becoming a young woman.

One day he returned to the garden, on the thirteenth strike as usual, to find a plain backyard. Devastated, Tom discovered that the garden had vanished. The world he had grown to love more than his own was destroyed. The realisation that Hatty had gone left him heartbroken.