Reminder it is World Book Day Thursday 3rd March

100 Best Books

100 Best Books

It is fantastic to read a range of genres in books, including books written by the authors you love and new, up and coming authors. There are lots of excellent reading books available for your child to read. Below is a link for the book trust website which inspire a love of reading and they have culminated their best 100 books.

You can browse the most recent book lists to keep up to date with new authors.

Choose the best books they have selected each month.

Finally, you can see the books which have won awards and prizes.

With so many books to read, which one will you choose?
Our local library

We have an enormous selection of books at our local library and libraries in around Plymouth. Libraries are an excellent opportunity for children to access a range of books at no cost. They feature books, e-books and audio books to borrow, free internet access, events for children to attend and creative workshops to participate in. Click on the link below to see what you can read or get involved with at the library!