Reminder it is World Book Day Thursday 3rd March

Anti-bullying Information

Anti-Bullying Policy and Managing and Supporting Positive Behaviour Policy
Here are a selection of helpful websites for information on anti-bullying, bullying and internet safety.
Phone Number 0800 11 11 - calls are free and confidential.
The first charity in the UK established to specifically prevent bullying and child abuse.
Learn how to be a SMART surfer online.
Useful tips and advice for parents and children on Internet Safety.
Advice and support for parents.
E-Safety Guide
Anti-bullying Booklet

During Anti-bullying Week the children in each class worked together on a different theme related to anti-bullying. The children thought about what they could put on their class page to help show everyone that we all want bullying to stop. The class contributions were compiled into a booklet. Each class has a copy in their class so that children can read about the helpful ways to deal with bullying behaviour. The booklet reminds us that Oakwood is a Telling School. The booklet contains some very helpful information from the children about how to be a good friend and what to do if you encounter bullying.

Feedback from the children.

“I like the page about being kind because it shows people how to be best friends.” Libby T

“It tells you who you can tell and if you don’t tell it will keep going on.” Aaron G

“I like the bit about fogging because it shows you the way to treat bullies.” Harry W

I like it because it’s colourful and shows people how to stick up for each other. I don’t understand why people bully, it’s pointless. ” Deacon B

“People bully and try to be cool but they are not cool.” Billy C

“It’s written by children so it’s more child friendly. It’s got some powerful messages.” Ethan C