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Our Curriculum at Oakwood 2021-2022

The Foundation Stage is taught in our Early Years unit. This is organised into 2 reception classes 

In Key Stage 1 there are 3 classes, one year 1 class, one split year 1 and 2 class and one year 2 class.

In Key Stage 2, there are two year 3 classes, two year 4 classes, two year 5 classes, and two year 6 classes.  The planning themes run on a two yearly cycle which ensures that topics are not repeated by children in the mixed year group class.

The sections on the Curriculum Maps outline the organisation of the subject areas across the academic year. The Learning Journey for each term will give more detail about what your child is learning about and suggested ways that you can support them at home. 

The curriculum section outlines information for the other subject areas including the phonics approach, the reading schemes and the handwriting style used at Oakwood as well as useful links and resources for other areas in mathematics and science.