Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning started again this year with year 5 building Roman Aqueducts using guttering and water pipes. Next week they will be learning about Mead halls while they tell stories around the fire just like the Anglo Saxons would have done.  Bringing us back to the current day, they will also be toasting marshmallows - one of the children’s favourite outdoor learning activities.


Sadly, we didn’t win the scarecrow trail prize at the Garden House over the summer but well done to all the members of the gardening club who helped make our lovely Cinderella scarecrows.


We are continuing to develop our outdoor learning area and Mrs Farrah and Mrs Edwards have been working hard clearing and digging over the new garden site ready for children to use.  We will keep you posted when we restart our outdoor clubs.


Please enjoy our small selection of photos showing some of the outdoor learning that took place last year and we hope to upload more recent photos as this year’s outdoor learning continues.