Reading at Oakwood

The following information gives an overview of the Reading schemes used at Oakwood Primary Academy. P
As the children progress through Key Stage 1 and 2 we use a variety of reading schemes to support home-school reading. The main reading schemes used throughout the school are Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star, Ginn and the books coded using the REN reading programme. 
Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reading Programme

The school subscribes to Renaissance Reading (REN), the accelerated reading programme, which challenges pupils’ reading and comprehension skills in Key Stage 2 and the more able readers in year 2. The programme is currently being used in years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Accelerated Reading is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. Children will complete an on-line Star Reading test and will be assessed and levelled. They will then be able to choose a book within that level. Each book is scored using a range of information: Reading level, number of words and the number of points available. Once the children have read the book they will complete an on-line quiz. The questions will challenge children’s understanding about what they have read using comprehension style questions. Children will very quickly be able to monitor their own success in the points score and levels achieved. Progress will be celebrated and certificates awarded. The Accelerated Reading programme motivates children of all ages and abilities to read for pleasure and enables teachers to diagnose problems accurately and address them quickly.

REN Reading
How can you help your child with reading?

Your role in your child’s success continues to be key. When your child brings home a school reading book, please continue to help them with unfamiliar words and phrases that they may find tricky to read or understand. There may be some challenging ideas or themes that they may find difficult to understand that will need explaining, especially as your child moves onto higher levels. As far as possible, children should be encouraged to read independently either to you or quietly on their own. Follow up by asking your child questions about what it is they have read: Who were the main characters? What was the main event? How did the chapter end?

Children will then take the quiz in school and be given a new target and level.
Owl Reading Scheme at Oakwood

The Oakwood Owl Reading scheme celebrates and rewards children for reading widely at school and at home. This year we have developed the scheme to include poetry, a range of non-fiction books and some of the 100 best books as listed for children. Children will be able to read a variety of different genres whilst working towards their certificate. If your child is on REN reading, they will complete a quiz after they have read a book to ensure they have understood and comprehended the book. Children will also complete a book review about a favourite book they have read on the scheme.  This approach helps to encourage children to read a wider variety of books. 
Parents are encouraged to read at home with their child and communicate with the class teacher through a home-school reading diary. Reading achievements are celebrated at school assemblies and the names of all the children are displayed on the wooden Owl Reading Trees in the school hall.   Thank you for your continued support with your child’s reading. 

Reading Rewards
10 Books Certificate Certificate
25 Books  Reading Sticker Certificate Bronze Owl Badge Certificate
50 Books Reading Badge Certificate Silver Owl Badge Certificate
100 Books Reading Bookmark Certificate Gold Owl Badge Certificate
100+ Books Special Reading Badge Certificate Special Reading Badge Certificate

‘You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.’ Dr. Seuss
100 Best Books

It is fantastic to read a range of genres in books, including books written by the authors you love and new, up and coming authors. There are lots of excellent reading books available for your child to read. Below is a link for the book trust website which inspire a love of reading and they have culminated their best 100 books.


You can browse the most recent book lists to keep up to date with new authors.


Choose the best books they have selected each month.


Finally, you can see the books which have won awards and prizes.


With so many books to read, which one will you choose?
Our local library

We have an enormous selection of books at our local library and libraries in around Plymouth. Libraries are an excellent opportunity for children to access a range of books at no cost. They feature books, e-books and audio books to borrow, free internet access, events for children to attend and creative workshops to participate in. Click on the link below to see what you can read or get involved with at the library!