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We aim to give children a wide experience of sporting activities and devise programmes that develop associated skills and meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. The school has good facilities for sport development, with a football pitch, athletics field, a MUGA (multi-use ground area), netball court and other hard play areas. All children in Year 4 take part in a 3 week swimming programme led by swimming coaches at the Life Centre. We aspire to delivering 2 hours of quality PE for every child within structured sessions that develop sport and games skills. As they develop skills, children will play the following sports: football, netball, tag rugby, rounders/cricket, swimming and athletics. We regularly have access to quality coaching as part of the Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership and have links with Marjons. Talented children are directed to outside clubs and avenues for further development.

The schools regularly enter competitions and are represented in area leagues. As part of the Sainsbury’s School Award scheme, we provide a range of extra-curricular clubs and foster competition in intra-school events and have achieved the Silver Award for 2019-2020.