Foundation Daley and Scott Classes

Welcome to Daley and Scott classes

The transition from being at home or in a Nursery to being in a Reception Class is a big thing for children and their families. Reception is an important and unique period in a child’s life; as the year progresses, our Reception children have one foot in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and another starting compulsory schooling. This is the place where they will build their self-esteem, where they will learn the importance of their own name, ideas, and friends, and where they learn to communicate with their teachers and peers. The skills and knowledge that they develop will have a great impact on their aptitude and attitude in later in life. 

We will use this class page to communicate information to you over the course of this academic year. It will be updated with curriculum and key information as well as photographs of the children in action. We look forward to a happy and productive relationship with you across the year. If you would like to contact a member of the Reception team, please do so via the school office (oakwood.office@discoverymat.co.uk).

All classes this year have been named after Olympic athletes the children will be learning about their class name and then sharing any information they have found.  Please see below the staff working with your child this year:
Early Years and KS1 Team Leader: Mrs Tracy O'Carroll
Teacher for Daley class: Miss Kelly
Teacher for Scott Class: Mrs Wye
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Yvette Lang
Mrs Carol Hammacott
Curriculum Overview for Parents/Carers

A guide through the age related milestones for your child. There are direct links between this and the curriculum your child receives:

Below are a few activities and ideas that you can undertake in your garden or whilst out for a walk. If you like the look of these you may wish to visit the website of Little Pine Learners where you can find more creative ideas for using mother nature to aid learning. 



Beginning Sound Stone Matching Game



10+ Simple and Beautiful Stone Activities for Children



Nature Crown Board



Alphabet Colour Activity


Below are some useful links to interactive games and programmes that will support learning in the Early Years. 


Simple, fun activities for children, from newborn to five



Phonic animations, games and stories



A selection of phonic activities



Reading tips, ideas and activities



A vast selection of rhymes and songs to sing and perform



A selection of stories read by celebrities



A selection of Numberblock songs, games and episodes



A range of Maths and Reading games for 3-5yr olds