SEN Information Report & SEND Policy

SEND Policy
Wellbeing support for children
The HUT - Helping Us Thrive
At Oakwood Primary Academy we have a dedicated base known as ‘The HUT’.

HUT stands for Helping Us Thrive

Our Multi Academy Trust places a great emphasis on the importance of ensuring that every child develops positive mental health and resilience.

Our aim is to: 

  • Support children to make sense of their experience(s). 

  • Find positive and effective ways to manage their emotions and feelings.

  • Create an environment of safety, connection and compassion at all times. 

  • Ensure children are supported to maintain the capacity to thrive and learn, despite difficult events that may occur in their lives.  

The Hut staff are specially trained practitioners led by our Inclusion Co-ordinator (INCO) Mrs. Chelsea O'Brien. These trusted, emotionally available adults support children who are identified as requiring additional support. This support may be offered in 1:1 sessions, or in small groups. As a result of this support, children become more self-assured, resilient and readier to engage with life and learning.  

We have a robust system for assessing children who might benefit from this support throughout the day or through access at break times and lunchtimes. 

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions in Schools Policy